Your Protection Down the Road

Take the Power Outage Challenge

How prepared is your facility for a power outage? Take this Power Outage Challlenge and we'll send you a FREE Generator Amperage Chart! This beautifully laminated chart is our gift to you for showing interest and support in the importance of emergency power generation.


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1. How long can your facility withstand a power outage without significant expense or customer satisfaction issues?

2. Does your maintenance personnel and local fire authorities have the location and access to your main utility disconnect?

3. When was the last time your generator or UPS (uninterruptible power system) was professionally performance tested and serviced?

4. Do you have a prior arrangement including credit approval with a local generator rental company to expedite a generator rental when you need one?

5. How long does it take to hook up a rental generator once it arrives?

6. What information will a generator rental company need to help you during a power outage?

7. Have you ever considered a cost effective pre-installed device like a Generator Connection Cabinet to assist in the safe and speedy connection of a rental generator?

8. Do you feel your current plan and system will meet your needs in a power outage?