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Backup Power Solutions for Commercial Facilities

The Power is Out!

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Blackouts. Hurricanes. Thunderstorms. Snow. Ice storms. Floods. High winds. Whether they are caused by a utility power interruption or weather disasters, power outages are frequent occurrences throughout the country. If you are responsible for maintaining commercial facilities, power reliability is likely to be a real concern. Whether you want to maintain uptime, or are worried about losing perishable inventory, chances are the thought of power reliability has crossed your mind recently - maybe even causing you a few sleepless nights.

Making the decision to provide backup power capability to your facilities is the first step, and has probably raised many questions:

Do you need standby systems that automatically start when there is an outage, or will you use portable units? What size generator is suitable for your needs? How do you safely connect a portable generator to the store's electrical system? If you have decided to use portable units, will you own the generators, or rent them as needed? These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered in order to meet your unique power needs.

If the decision has been made to use portable generators rather than investing in permanently installed standby units, we can assist you in the critical step of preparing your facilities to be able to quickly connect the generators once they arrive at the site.

Like the utility power lines that enter the facility, the portable generator will need a point of connection. The time to think about how that connection will be made is now - before the power is out. Also, a plan needs to be in place that considers your customers' and employees' safety, yet allows for a quick connection of the generator to your facility to get the facility powered up with a minimal amount of downtime. Read More

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