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Power Products, Inc News Release

FedEx® chooses Power Products, Inc. for critical facilities!

February, 2008 - Power Products, Inc. has been selected to provide “Turn Key” services to design, engineer, furnish and install Eaton® temporary generator connection devices for FedEx Corporation® at 15 FedEx® Ground sites located in 14 States. All installations will be local, State, and Federal code compliant and will provide for the swift and safe connection of temporary generators in times of power outages or natural disasters.

FedEx® has taken this action to protect the continuity and integrity of their services to their millions of clients Worldwide who depend on their always reliable on time service. Some sites are already completed and all will be ready for the high risk summer storm and hurricane season.


July, 2008 – All 15 sites have been installed, are up and running and ready for the hurricane season.

September, 2008 – Temporary 220 KVA generator at FedEx Corpus Christi runs flawlessly for 3 days while hurricane Ike slams the Coast.

September, 2008 – Temporary 1,000 KVA generator at FedEx Houston runs without incident for 9 days while Hurricane Ike shuts down the Gulf Coast grid.

December, 2008 – After hurricane Ike’s damaging visit and being extremely pleased with the PPI results to date, FedEx has added two more locations to their network in Abilene and San Antonio, Texas. These sites will be installed during the first quarter of 2009.

March, 2009 – FedEx® was so pleased with the installations they added 11 more sites in 11 States to their Smart Post® facilities which were completed during 2009.

Pepsi® chooses Power Products, Inc. for Nationwide facilities!

2008 - PepsiAmericas® chose Power Products, Inc. as the Nationwide supplier of emergency generator connections for critical bottling plants and warehouses to provide business continuity during natural disasters and power outages. Power Products and Pepsi have employed a variety of solutions including stationary and temporary generators to solve local emergency power needs.


2008 - In late 2008 when hurricane Gustav slammed into the LA Coast, multiple Pepsi® sites in the State functioned perfectly allowing business to operate normally.

2009 - When Hurricane Ike destroyed much of the State, their bottling facility in Reserve, LA operated over one week providing business continuity to Pepsi® and their customers.

2009 - Power Products, Inc was asked to perform a complex installation at a Pepsi® bottling plant in Riviera Beach, FL. This site has two 3,000 amp service entrances which had to be integrated to provide flexibility to hook up a single large generator (2,000 KW) or multiple smaller generators as the situation requires.